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Without leaving the estate a wide range of activities can be practised alone or in group such as rambling, cycling or simply sitting and resting whilst taking in the beauty of the surroundings.

For those who want to take advantage of their stay to learn about the beauty of neighbouring villages, the Penedès region offers a wide range of possibilities, the best of which are the following:

Web page Location Distance
Caves Llopart Subirats 15min. (+34)938993125
Bodegues Pinord Vilafranca del Penedès 15min. (+34)938903066
Caves Castellroig Subirats 15min. (+34)938911927
Caves Freixenet San Sadurni d’Anoia 10min. (+34)938917000
Mas Bertran Sant Martí Sarroca 20min. (+34)938990859
Caves Codorniu San Sadurni d’Anoia 10min. (+34)938183232
Bodegues Miguel Torres Pacs del Penedès 20min. (+34)938177400
Caves Nadal El Pla del Penedès 15min. (+34)938988011
Bodega Jean Leon Torrelavit 10min. (+34)938995512
Caves Naveran Torrelavit 5min. (+34)938988400
Cava Agustí Torelló San Sadurni d’Anoia 10min. (+34)938911173
Caves Llopart Subirats 15min. (+34)938993125
Cava Segura Viudas Torrelavit 7min. (+34)938917070
Caves Sumarroca Subirats 15min. (+34)938911092
Architectural patrimony
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The Maricel Museum

This museum of the Fine Arts has an important collection of medieval art. It also includes an exhibition of painters who had connections with Sitges

Sitges 35min.
Basílica de Santa Maria

Gothic, consisting in a single nave divided into five sections

Vilafranca del Penedès 10min.
El Celler del Garraf

A building designed by Antonio Gaudi. The whole is an example of modern Catalan architecture, showing extremely original forms and realised with traditional materials as stone and brick.

Sitges 35min. (+34)936320019
The Monastery of Montserrat

A Benedictine monastery whose history goes back nearly a thousand years. In the centre of the monastery is the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Montserrat ( la Moreneta ) the patron saint of Catalonia. The monastery is situated on a mountain chain that climactic erosion has made to resemble saw blades.

Montserrat 45min.
The Cistercian Way

The Poblet Monastery, The Santes Creus Monastery, The Vallbona de les monges Monastery. By following this route we can discover the life and work of the monks who helped at a difficult period to create important urban centre

Alt Camp, Conca de Barberà, Urgell 55min. (+34)977861232
Group of monuments in Olèrdola

Made up of a castle and a museum where we can learn more about the ancient inhabitants of Cataluña

Olerdola 20min.
Subirats Castle and the Holy Fountain Sanctuary

The whole place is composed of a castle and church

Subirats 15min.
The Sant Martí Sarroca Castle

Medieval Castle and church

Sant Martí Sarroca 15min.
Popular culture
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The group of "Castellers"

‘Els Verds’ so-called because of the green colour of their shirts. They construct high and elaborate Human towers – built with men women and children all of an age from 6 to 60; Every Friday at 21hrs they train in their locale ‘Cal Figarot’ and visitors are allowed in to watch and participate in the construction of these human towers if they so desire.

Vilafranca del Penedès 15min.
Fairs and markets
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The international festival of fantasy and horror films

This is held during the 2nd and 3rd week of October

Sitges 35min. (+34)938949990
The cockerel festival

A gastronomical festival dedicated to the black cockerel of Penedès as well as to other kinds – ducks,pheasants,turkeys – that you eat at Christmas. It takes place in the middle of the month of December.

Vilafranca del Penedès 15min.
Popular festivals
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Major festival of Vilafranca del Penedès

Declared a point of cultural interest by the Regional Government of Catalonia – is held the last week of August.

Vilafranca del Penedès 15min.

A gastronomic fair with cava tasting from the Penedès region which is held a weekend in October

San Sadurni d’Anoia 10min.
Festival of the Phylloxera

In memory of the plague that the insect inflicted on all the vine shoots which had to be pulled up both in this region and also in France. This festival takes place during the first two weeks of September

San Sadurni d’Anoia 10min.

The harmonious marriage of jazz and wine where one can taste the wine and cavas of top quality whilst enjoying the jazz concerts with some of the best known groups. This takes place annually at the first weekend of July.

Vilafranca del Penedès 15min. (+34)938903581
Adventure sports
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Elis-elis airballoons

A flight through the sky in the region of Penedes quietly

Vilafranca del Penedès 10min. (+34)636474535
A flight in a small plane Aereo Brettsa

Take a flight and enjoy the Catalan skies like the birds.

Avinyonet del Penedès 10min.
Port Aventura

A thematic and attractions park

Tarragona 60min.
Les Deus Aventura

Natual park located near a natural spring with 10 water sources that feed a reservoir where you can swim and enjoy the natural environment carved by water over time.
In the same place, are located, adventure sports facilities designed to enjoy the natural scenery with ziplines and climbing routes.

Sant Quintí de Mediona 10min. (+34)663812585
Aquapark Safari Aqualeon

An aquatic and safari park

Tarragona 60min. (+34)977687656
"Natural" horse riding

The riding centre for dressage where you can spend the day riding horses trained in the « natural » manner.

Esparraguera 40min. (+34)938997001
Stress & Adrenalina

Tracks for 4X4 on a private circuit with an area for artificial obstacles and different levels of difficulty.

-A panoramic excursion for 4X4 on a spectacular route in the heart of the Penedès region

-Driving 4X4 and quads on the track accompanied by an expert driver.

- Excursion in a quad for an hour or two with an expert monitor.

- A day’s excursion in a quad to Montserrat.

-Driving a Ferrari 360Modena F1 on the track – forcing the adrenalin.

-Drive or co-drive a BMW M3 rally car accompanied by an expert driver – a monitor of the Porsche écurie and Paintball .

San Sadurni d’Anoia 10min. (+34)938183650
Kon-Tiki hot air balloon

A completely silent flight in the Catalan sky with the enjoyment of face to the wind

Igualada 2min. (+34)935156060
Nearby towns
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Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (the Cava capital)

It has its origins in the ancient parish of Sant Sadurni de Subirats according to the registers of the year 1080. It was part of the barony of Subirats in the hands of noble families until 1493 when it was taken over by the crown and in 1764 obtained its independence as a municipality.

Towards the end of the 19th Century there came about a veritable revolution in agriculture through which the area turned to wine growing and in 1872 came the first bottles of Cava and since the beginning of the 20th century Cava has become the main industry of the local economy.

Today the town has a population of 12,000 inhabitants; there are more than 80 producers of Cava who make 90% of the production of Cava in Spain and export to all continents

San Sadurni d’Anoia 10min.
Sant Quintí de Mediona

With a population of 2,000 inhabitants and a historic castle which belonged to the Baron of Mediona . Its parish church which dates from the year 962, was a Benedictine Priory in the 13th and 14th cenuries. It was governed by a monk from Ripoll with the title of Prior.

The abundance of water in the area is remarkable.50 fountains have been localised amongst which are distinguished as “les dues” – a natural countryside formed by sources and a natural cave where an underground stream flows.

Sant Quintí de Mediona 2min.
Sant Pere de Riudebitlles

Population 2,000 inhabitants.
It must be noted here the presence of a historic monument from the 13th century – the dwelling of the Marquis de Llio. Making use of the abundance of water in the basin of the Bitlles as it came through the area, the Marquis de

Llio developed a paper industry – building mills of great architectural value and thus transformed the basic rural economy into an industrial one in the making of paper.

Worthy of note at St Pere is the aquaduct 80 metres long and 25 metres high with ten great arches in the centre. Its construction dates from the 13th century.

Sant Pere de Riudebitlles 2min.
Vilafranca del Penedès

Population 38,000 inhabitants.Capital of Alt Penedes. The town dates from the twelfth century. It was built on a spot near the Via Augusta as a medieval town and became one of the most important towns of the Principality.

It was a typical medieval ‘cité’ with its perimeter of ramparts, the corporations, its nobility and its Jewish quarter. The basilica of Santa Maria, built in a gothic style with its spire, whose bells started to ring at the beginning of the 14th century, became the principal symbol of the town.

Vilafranca del Penedès 15min.

A modern cosmopolitan city ready to meet the 21st Century and has conserved with pride all of its cultural baggage from Roman times to the present day modern architecture.The important economic activity and its cultural and artistic initiatives have made Barcelona a city which must be visited. The arrival in the city of the high speed train brings to mind the historic event of the arrival of the first train of the Barcelona- Mataro line

One can appreciate the passing of time and the different cultures whilst strolling through the streets and the recesses of the squares. These walks give an opportunity for meeting people of all nationalities- for seeing artistic expression and the renowned flower shops.The centuries have left their mark and there are several cities within this city. One can visit Barcelona of Roman times, Barcelona the medieval city, the modern city and the one of Gaudi.

One of the most typical districts is the Gothic quarter where one can admire the buildings of great artistic value, going from Roman times to the present day. Its Gothic cathedral, the Holy Family church, the Guell park, the Basilica of Mary of the Sea, the Pedrera, the Tibidabo, the Palace of Pedralbe and the Castle of Montjuit are some of its emblematic monuments and one can make ones way through the tiny streets which have kept the charm of earlier times , such as the Calle del Call, Calle Paradis or the small squares such as those of St Just, St Philip Neri and Plaza del Pi.

Barcelona 50min.
Tarragona "The imperial Tarraco"

Population 143,000, 14 kilometres of coastline.
Declared “Heritage of Humanity “ in 2000 and has a first-class artistic ‘ensemble’.The festival of the historic reconstruction ‘Tarraco Viva’ allows you to relive this era.

The competition is one of the numerous rendez-vous which regularly draws thousands of people – with the procession of Santo Enterro, the feasts of Santa Tecla and the competition of Castillos. Tarragona faces its future with an optimism and has important challenges: the restructuring of its seafront and its candidature for becoming Cultural European Capital in 2016 and for hosting the Mediterranean Games in 2017.

Tarragona 50min.
Location Distance
The Sitges Carnival

One of the most popular carnivals of the peninsular.

Sitges 35min.
Fishing ports, sports and beaches

One can enjoy the pleasant beaches, old fishing neighbourhoods.

Sitges, Vilanova y la Geltrú 35min.
Lover's festival

His is held in the middle of the month of May

Vilafranca del Penedès 15min.
Web page Location Distance

Museum of the wine culture in Catalonia

Vilafranca del Penedès 15min.
The Romantic Museum Can Llopis

A perfectly preserved house of the Nineteenth Century in which we can see the splendour of the way of life of Catalan land owners of the Romantic period.

Sitges 35min.
The Maricel Museum

This museum of the Fine Arts has an important collection of medieval art. It also includes an exhibition of painters who had connections with Sitges

Sitges 35min.
Railway museum

Offers you a trip through the history of Railway transport.

Vilanova y la Geltrú 35min.
An air raid shelter

That allows us to go back to the time of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)

Santa Margarida y los Monjos 15min.
The Cau-Ferrat Museum

The working residence of Santiago Rusiñol. A visit here offers a resumé of current modern art from Casas, Utrillo, Clarasó, Mas i Fondevila, Regoyos, Zuloaga, Picasso, Pitchot

Sitges 35min. (+34)938940364